Bloody Easy Blood Administration

Welcome to the Bloody Easy Blood Administration Online Tracking Tool!

This tracking tool enables you to electronically document completion of the Bloody Easy Blood Administration online learning course and assessment. Your username is your email address and the system automatically assigns a password to each participant. During the registration process, participants within Ontario will be asked to designate an affiliate institution.

The Bloody Easy Blood Administration on line program provides a mechanism for hospital administrators to provide evidence of ongoing education for staff involved in the transfusion process. Providing this evidence helps Ontario hospitals comply with accreditation requirements.

Why register? If your hospital makes it a requirement for you to provide documentation that you have taken this course, registering for the tracking tool provides you with an electronic record that will be stored indefinitely. If you choose to take the course and not register for the tracking tool, you may print a certificate upon successful completion of the course, but your marks will not be stored.

Who can see my test results? If you have registered, you will be able to login and view your own results at any time. In Ontario, if you choose an affiliate institution that has registered for the tracking tool, the site administrator for your institution will have access to your results. Aggregate statistics with no demographic information or individual identifiers are available on a provincial basis to ORBCoN for statistical purposes only.

What if I fail the assessment? If you fail the assessment you can take the assessment again. When you choose to take the assessment again, the marks from your subsequent attempt will replace the original results.

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